R2Arte Lisbon wedding photographers. Rita & Ricardo portrait. This is Us

Get to know us

Get to know us

A few things about us

We live in a small city by the sea, Costa da Caparica, just south of Lisbon.

We’ve been together as a couple for 20 years now (!!!) and we have a son who is the joy of our lives.

We've always loved photography and we've been shooting weddings professionally since 2010.

We always take the opportunity to travel abroad, but we are completely in love with our country!

Things that make us happy

  • climbing (bouldering) with friends
  • sitting still, contemplating any treasure nature can offer: the ocean, a mountain top, a tree, a flower or a sunset!
  • camping and cooking around a fire, with friends
  • staying up late, gazing at the stars
  • hiking with family

A little glimpse into our life... with photos

When we are not photographing weddings or families, we are more likely to be... Outdoors!

R2Arte. This is Us. Underwater couple portrait
R2Arte wedding photographers. Rita & Ricardo portrait selfy
R2Arte wedding photographers. Rita bouldering and climbing
R2Arte wedding photographers. Ricardo bouldering and climbing
R2Arte wedding photographers. Ricardo holding baby
R2Arte wedding photographers. Rita holding baby
R2Arte wedding photographers. Family portrait on vacation, next to a waterfall
R2Arte wedding photographers. Ricardo surfing
R2Arte wedding photographers. Family portrait on vacation
R2Arte. This is Us. Underwater portrait
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Our Photographic Style. Our Approach

Photography is one of the biggest passions we share in life! We’ve started photographing as a hobby, on our daily activities, sports and travels. The jump to photographing professionally was smooth and natural, the result of years of dedication to this art. Together as a couple, we have evolved as persons and as photographers and so did our photographic style. It is difficult to include it in a single particular style, as it results from a perfect blending of all our learning, experience, inspiration and personalities! But if we had to define it, we would say that it’s a good mix of documentary, landscape and portrait photography!  

We will be the perfect choice for you if…

Bride and girls holding hands

You treasure

A calming presence, that puts you at ease from the first instance! We know that wedding and other big life events can be stressful, so we will support you and help you to stay calm and relax throughout the day, with all our experience and professional skills.

You want to get

Authentic images. We want you to Be You. We will direct if needed, but we usually make sure to step away to let natural interaction occur. We want to capture your identity and personality and for that we build a trusting relationship, from the moment you book with us.

You value

Aesthetic and timeless images. When editing, we opt for natural colors and tend to avoid trends, as we know that those images will last generations. You will get a good mix of color and black and white photos, when we want to highlight the emotions presented.

You are

An adventurous soul. We are very laid back and informal and we are always available for an adventure, especially if it involves the outdoors! We love to work with couples and families that treasure natural light and that will go an extra mile to explore the surroundings.

This is Reportage is a great international community showcasing the very best in documentary wedding photography. We're are very proud to have been distinguished as one of the World Top 100 photographers!

Finally, some words from our dear couples...

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Katie & Hansen

Everything about R2Arte was amazing!! From our engagement session through to our wedding, Rita and Ricardo brought such a calm energy and made us feel completely relaxed in front of the camera.The photos are more than a memory of our wedding, they are true art. Every photo is beautifully composed and crystal clear. It felt like we got to live our wedding twice because they captured so many candid moments of our guests that we missed on the day itself. We can't say thank you enough!

Lisbon wedding photographer
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